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Reading A Proton Preve Review Will Help People Know More About The Malaysian Car

July 6, 2013

Malaysians has a lot of good reasons why they must be really proud these and one of the reasons is the introduction of a car, the Proton which was introduced in 1985 and with the introduction of its new model, the Proton Preve, Proton has made it to the top when it was considered by Malaysia, Australia and even Thailand as a "global car". According to a Proton Preve review, one neds to see past Proton's lackluster brand and one will find out that the Preve is a find C-segment car from Malaysia. This model of the Proton is so wonderful that it is even compared with Mitsubishi or even the Lotus.

Honestly, Proton cars were according to the design and technology of Mitsubishi and that is why, it has gained fast recognition in Malaysia and it was even regarded as the national car of Malaysia. Subsequently, it was also considered by many as a "global car" and turn out to be one of the leaders in the Malaysian auto industry going shoulder against shoulder with top rated imported brands.

But, when the 21st century came, it launched indigenously-designed models such as the Proton Waja and Proton Gen-2. Sad to say, these types of Protons were globally criticized for being terribly engineered vehicles. But, this didn't disappointed Proton as it came back with another new model unveiled in 2012 at Seri Kembangan by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak and that was Proton Preve. Right now, many people have embraced this new model and, according to one Proton Preve review, when it was released in Australia and in Thailand, people praised the costs of the Preve. This Malaysia-made car has a very affordable price with a premium quality and luxurious design.

Truth is, Thailand's Manager Daily, a Thai-language newspaper posted in Bangkok every day, pointed out that Proton has made a lot of improvement when it unveiled Preve on the market. It even likened buying a Preve to buying a high end car like the Lotus Evora. Also Motortrivia has observed Proton's confidence in this Malaysia-based car and even offered a five year warranty and a very economical price when compared with its Thai-assembled Japanese counterparts.

Apart from the value of the Preve which is so very nominal, its spare parts are also affordable which is not rare. Insuring a Proton Preve is also so very affordable, too.

The several biggest qualities, on the other hand, of this car, basing on a Proton Preve review, are safety and comfort. Proton Preve was made by people with one important thing in their minds and that's to make this Malaysia-based car family friendly and with that, they made it with a suspension that serves up a supple ride over potholes, mud, holes and bumps and other several road hazards and has fine vertical damping over highway undulations. The Preve boasts of speed and torque. Therefore, with great speed and impressive torque, it is just proper that comfort as well as safety really ought to be its number one qualities.

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